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*SOLD* John Warren
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil ... $0.00 USD
John is a recurring theme in my work. He was a Bob Jones student. Started in 93 and a very unique fellow. He knew the names of so many school students.. I dubbed him the official "campus greeter". A complete individual! Keywords: lone figure, man, all

*SOLD* Perry Road Wesleyan Church
Created 2000
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil ... $0.00 USD
This is the Wesleyan Church on Perry Road and it is presently altered from this view. I altered the front of the church. I wanted some more contrast between wood and brick. Keywords: architecture, church, religious, all

*SOLD* Rhett Street
Created 2000
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil ... $0.00 USD
This is a view not far from the Peace Center in Greenville on Rhett Street. This has a feeling of streets in Mexico. I was particularly intrigued by the movement of the telephone lines and the shadows of the buildings. Keywords: cityscape, historic, all

*SOLD* Tulip Still Life
Created 1996
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil ... $0.00 USD
This is my deluxe still life. It is two 4x4 panels (4x8). It has a lot of variety. If you look I've thrown in everything but the proverbial kitchen sink! Very bright with high-intensity colors. Keywords: still life, fruit, cloth, flowers, vase, vegetables, window, all

*SOLD* Virginia Avenue
Created 2000
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil ... $0.00 USD
This is a portrait of Faith Baptist Church from Virginia Avenue. This is sunrise and it kind of symbolizes new hope. I am again celebrating the simple millhouses in the neighborhood in which I live. You can barely see in this piece along the horizon a very light, cool red...

Created 1995
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil | 26"x34" ... $3,000 USD
Oil on Canvas Keywords: figure, man

Portait of Girl
Created 1993
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil | 6"x8" ... $350 USD
Oil on Wood Keywords: lone figure, woman, all

Woods and Snow
Created 2000
Created By: Mark Mulfinger
Oil | 66"x48" ... $9,000 USD
This oil about snow and sunset (or sunrise if you prefer that). I have yet to finish this piece but it gives you an overall feeling of the setting. Keywords: woodlands landscape, winter, horizon, all

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